Tax optimization is carried out with confidence monitoring all the issues related to the everyday business life and business challenges at national and international level.

We are always at the core of tax changes. Our clients’ interests are best served by embracing change in a way that benefits all our communities.

Corporate tax

Corporate tax is an integral part of an organization's financial management. The purpose of tax planning as part of an organization's overall business strategy is to avoid tax risks and benefit as much as possible from tax opportunities, within legal boundaries. Professional tax management involves carefully monitoring each corporate transaction and identifying the tax implications from an early stage.

We offer a range of corporate tax services:

  • Corporate tax compliance and advisory
  • Tax due diligence of companies targeted for absorption or acquisition
  • Support throughout the negotiations with the tax authorities until the completion of the tax audit and the achievement of an administrative solution of the dispute, on the condition that this solution is chosen as the most appropriate solution
  • Structuring advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management
  • Group and Intercompany transaction reconciliation
  • Transfer Pricing preparation

Taxation of companies in the International tax environment:

  • Examination of the total tax obligation arising from the establishment in a State outside Greece
  • Tax planning regarding tax credit in relation to taxes paid abroad for the amount of these taxes to be deducted to the maximum for income tax purposes in Greece
  • Management of tax issues relating to export commerce and e-shop commerce
  • Strategic repatriation of funds from abroad
  • Analysis of tax implications of different types of capital movement within the same group (financing, capitalizations etc)
  • Advisory services on crucial tax issues resulting from the cross-border payment or collection of fees, rights, interest and dividends under the provisions of the Double Taxation Treaties and the European Tax Law
  • Analysis of tax implications arising from charges between companies of the same group (overpricing / underpricing issues).

Indirect Tax Services

First Floor’s tax professionals are experts on providing advice and planning on a range of indirect taxes including VAT, customs duties and excise taxes (such as tax audits, reorganizations and acquisitions, etc).High level of Knowledge of indirect taxes can eliminate the future risk of extra taxes and penalties for non-compliance.

At the same time, the deep knowledge of indirect taxation is a key for the expansion of corporates in the international arena, since VAT systems and customs regulations are very diverse from country to country.
Indirect taxes (eg VAT) are mandatory by the company when concluding sales transactions either nationally or internationally. Typical examples of indirect taxes are:

  • the VAT (Value added tax)
  • the E.F.K. (Excise duty) and other customs duties and charges
  • the Real Estate Tax
  • Taxation and Stamp Fees.

Our Indirect Tax Services

  • Correct appliance of indirect taxes depending on the characteristics of the transaction
  • Proper deduction of indirect taxes where it is provided
  • Effective management and budget of indirect taxes
  • Preparation of indirect tax returns