Trading businesses have a major asset which most service businesses do not. That asset (known as ‘stock’, ‘merchandise’ or ‘inventory’) is unique in character – it is obtained by the businesses for one purpose only – that is – selling to customers.

Unlike other assets which are obtained and retained by a business, a trading business must rely for its survival on the constant sale of this asset. Because of this, trading businesses need to be able to account for this asset and the individual lines of merchandise which make it up.

First Floor has a leading role in the retail and wholesale market and has in its portfolio some important brands. Our success in attracting and retaining these companies is due to our experienced executives, whose deep knowledge of the industry allows them to provide customized business solutions regarding:

  • Stock controlling and monitoring
  • Write down protection allowance calculation
  • Discount protection on sales calculation
  • Reliable COGS calculation
  • Material costing

Adopting a closer collaboration and supporting pattern , we are always accessible and available, something that our customers themselves seek in the following areas:

  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Food
  • Electrical devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal care products
  • Games & Video games