The business environment today is continuously evolving; conditions and parameters that affect it change frequently and fast, regulations are more and stricter, technological breakthroughs are frequent and affect all aspects of the business cycle and people management and development has become a key factor of success and growth.

With the appropriate business advisory support, we help our clients to understand potential risks and to make "smart" decisions in order to gain a competitive advantage. We support effective decision making and business planning for the future

We at First Floor understand today’s business challenges and the importance of being able to respond to markets needs quickly. We make it our business to know what it takes for businesses to ensure it going concern, to grow and to prosper and we continuously invest in people, technologies, and knowledge to help our clients achieve this.

Our main concern is to modernize the operation of your business. After analyzing your operating business needs we can be able to support you in the following services:

  • Study and analyze costs to reduce them
  • Implementing different types of Business Plans
  • Review and redesign of corporate systems, processes and internal policies eg IT systems (ERP), pricing, ordering, supply chain (logistics), warehouse management and accounting staffing training

The main goal of our advisory support is the complete compinace with the regulatory frameworks and the use of the most modern technology systems in order to succeed:

  • High productivity
  • Cost optimization
  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Cost modeling and pricing to find gross profit
  • Effective operation of family businesses