The use of modern information systems and ERP system are the key factor of business development.

By using the right IT systems, you can achieve the optimization of operating costs and timely decision making that support your strategic goals.

First Floor IT consultants have many years of substantial experience in the analysis, development, implementation, and management of IT projects. Understanding the different business requirements regardless of the industry and activity of each corporate we achieve successful approach and implementation of ideal solutions.

We implement complete and reliable systems for monitoring and controlling the proper implementation of the projects we undertake, so that the goals and the course of the project are always ensured. This way we succeed that you have a complete picture of your investment.

We are specialized in the use, operation, configuration and development of the most modern ERP systems such as Entersoft, Softone, SAP, Oracle etc.

Indicatively the IT services we provide:

  • Analysis, documentation of needs and requirements
  • Implementation based on the special needs of each customer per department of the company
    • Warehouse
    • Supply Chain (WMS)
    • Ordering
    • Pricing
    • Accounting
    • Credit check
    • Quality Management
    • Personnel management
  • Initial Software and database installation
  • Transfer historical data to a new application
  • Interface with other cloud systems, web, B2B etc.
  • User training