Payroll calculation and compliance with labor and insurance legislation is a complex process that requires experience, knowledge, flexibility and immediacy.

First Floor manages business payroll issues with human resources from 20 to 500 people and a total of more than 3000 people.

Key point of our services is the immediate and accurate response, resolution of complex issues concerning the management of human resources (HR) in general.

The payroll services we offer are designed to meet the requirements of tax, labor and insurance legislation, as well as the needs of the management and the financial department of a company. We use one of the most reliable modern and flexible payroll software on the market that offers complete data about personnel and payroll calculations of businesses.


More specifically our provided payroll services are:

  • Payroll calculation and management
  • Extended ability to generate reports in excel format
  • Statistics for employees regarding personal or payroll data
  • Production of payroll general ledger with the ability of automated update of clients ERP (Entersoft, Softone Singular, etc)
  • Detailed payroll costing reports classified by employee, department, etc.
  • Extensive ability to deliver monthly payslips automatically to the employee's personal emails
  • Calculation and payroll of employees who resigned or fired
  • Preparation of recruitment scenarios or budgets for the next fiscal year according to assumptions, parameters, and data of the HR Management team.
  • Preparation and calculation of provisions for Christmas bonus, easter Gift and Leave Allowance and other extraordinary employer-to-employee benefits eg annual bonus based on company policy, etc.
  • Preparation and electronic submission of files to e-EFKA insurance funds, etc.
  • Electronic submission to the information system "ERGANI" of the forms of recruitment, contract termination, staff statements, etc.
  • Direct communication for support on labor and insurance issues through the latest communication platforms of Microsoft and other social media
  • Immediate notification of any changes in insurance and labor legislation through regular or extraordinary newsletters
  • Preparation and submission of annual payroll tax returns